Update from the Original RSA. No. 5

Editors Comment
This has been a very interesting
period in relation to the veteran
community. A number of real
issues have been highlighted:
Firstly, we have now received a
clear indication for the RNZRSA
that the way ahead is support.
There are some comments
about that on the next page.
Secondly, VANZ took an appeal
to the High Court about a
decision made by the Veterans
Entitlements Appeal Board
(VEAB) In essence the Appeal
Board had made a decision on a
case taken but there were two
dissenting legal opinions and
the case was decided on behalf
of the veteran. The High Court
has instructed the VEAB to
completely review their decision
but they needed to take into
consideration the principles set
out in S10 of the VSA 2014.
They key being that decisions
cannot be made which ignore
the laid down principles. This
will help define Benevolence
within the decision making
Thirdly, we continue to lobby
VANZ to provide Case Manager
clinics in Christchurch. The
objective is to create closer
communications with our main
caring agency. In our view
decisions cannot be made
without the decision makers
having face to face contact

Moving Forward –
President’s Update
We now have a potential auditor in chain to audit four sets of
accounts, years 20, 21, 22 and this years 23.
The accountants have put in significant effort to achieve this
end and this consequentially shows in their invoices.
The aim is to have all the accounts audited to enable the
holding of an AGM later this year.
At the Executive meetings there is now considerable discussion
going into how we as an executive are doing our piece for
fulfilment of the strategy around providing support. It is
important the the executive support the strategy by not only
establishing the strategy but also to actively be involved on an
individual basis for the support of former servicemen and
The executive has recently co-opted on another member, Gavin
Koroaha. He served in the NZ Artillery before heading over to
the UK army for a number of years returning to NZ after having
spent time in study, Master in International Security and an MBA
as well as working for the ICC responsible for Safety. Gavin
currently works for Oranga Tamariki and is reading for a PhD.
As an aid to meeting our strategic goals we are on the lookout
for 12 volunteers to become Volunteer Support Workers. The
role of these people is to conduct home visits, transport former
servicemen and women to medical appointments and where a
need is noticed for further assistance through VANZ or RSA
Support to make contact with the Local Support Advisor to
ensure the former service person accesses all the support
available from VANZ and other Government agencies. 

What else is Happening?
Vietnam Veteran Day – Battle of Long Tan
A commemoration will be held at The Rangiora RSA on 18
August 2023. This is an annual event and is well attended. This
year the CMRSA (The Original RSA) is providing a bus for those
wishing to attend. The bus will depart from The Richmond
Club at 0900 and depart Rangiora for the journey home at
1500 hrs. This is FREE. If you wish to partake of lunch at
Rangiora the cost will be $20.00.
A Word from the RNZRSA Chairman.
Some of you will have noted the article that was published in
the Herald on 5 August, where the Chairman addressed the
future picture for the RSA movement. The RNZRSA board has
made it clear that the way ahead is not through “Booze and
Pokies”. The Board has indicated that too much money is tied
up in assets operating in the hospitality industry and individual
RSAs are not using enough money to support the veteran
community. When we look across the country Clubs are still
seeking to expand their hospitality operations whilst ignoring
the needs of the veteran community. Money is being used for
all club members instead of the veterans and thus the
movement is not addressing the purpose for which it was
Our strategic plan has us moving down this road because we
realise that the old model is no longer relevant to the new
veterans and for the future. This will require open minds and
will upset some but rest assured the traditions of remembrance
will always be at the forefront of the RSA Raison D’etre.
We can expect that there will be quite a bit of debate on the
Boards direction, and it will take time to work through all the
details. The Plan is called RSA2030 giving an indication
regarding the time frame. This is not about the aging 1960’s
and 70’s veterans but about the contemporary veterans; those
who served in Timor L’Este, Iraq, Bosnia, Afghanistan and the
UN deployments etc. It is about the majority. There is a view
in Auckland that there hasn’t been a war since Vietnam. 3700
served in Vietnam, 30,000+ have served overseas since that
time. The message seems to be “get with the Agenda or
disappear”. This is about relevance to and the impact on the
whole veteran community.

Welfare. Need Help? Phone Suzi Radford or Dennis
Mardle our welfare reps on.
Suzi. 021 0202700. Dennis 027 3795786. 

Poppy Fund
The Poppy Fund is managed by
the CMRSA Trust. The money is
collected from the public for the
s o l e  p u r p o s e  o f a s s i s t i n g
veterans. Across the country
individual RSAs have collected
and continue to hold onto large
amounts of money that is not
being used for the purpose for
which it has been collected. This
will be the focus of the project
being undertaken by RNZRSA.
See next column.

Your Current Executive
President/Treasurer – Dennis
Vice President – Tony Westwood
Members – Cameron Mouat
Jim Lilley
Pablo Godoy
Ross Milne
Gavin Koroaha
All are happy to help you with
any questions you may have.
“No matter how far down
the wrong road you’ve
gone, turn back”.
A Turkish Proverb