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About Christchurch Memorial RSA

The RSA Ethos

The three tenets of the RSA Ethos are:

We Welcome

We welcome all of our city community into our home, to be part of us, to enjoy our social environment and our hospitality services. We want the members of our community to feel that they are welcome and are part of the big New Zealand RSA family, the largest club in the country with over 105,000 members nationwide. We want our community to learn about the RSA, its beginnings, the beliefs on which it was founded here in Christchurch in December 1915 and has held true to ever since.

We Support

We support our Veterans and our Service members through the activities of our Charitable Trusts. The Trusts receive and manage the funds raised during our annual Poppy Day Appeal. Poppy donations are specifically ‘ring-fenced’ and may only used for the purposes of welfare and support for Veterans and ex-Services personnel who are in need of assistance.

Our Trusts also have more general support and welfare funds that can be disbursed at the discretion of the Trustees to assist members of the community. Examples of this support are other charities, volunteer community service organisations, education, promotion of leadership and youth development.

We Remember

We remember those that have sacrificed so willingly of their lives for our continued safety and peace.

The RSA movement has taken on the guardianship of remembrance’ throughout New Zealand in order to ensure that the commitment, loyalty and above all, the sacrifices that our comrades who have served in our Armed/Defence/Police Forces, have made throughout our nation’s history, is remembered throughout our nation for generations to come and that those who gave of their lives are never forgotten.

We do this in order that we who remain can continue to enjoy the freedoms that they have given to us and that we continue to enjoy to this day.

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Key Remembrance Dates

ANZAC DAY – 25 April (every year)

  • Dawn Service at 06:15am
    Cranmer Square
  • Citizens’ Service at 10:00am
    Christ Church Cathedral

ARMISTICE DAY- 11 November (every year)

  • Open Service at 11:00am
    Bridge of Remembrance (river precinct)

We wish to record our sincere appreciation and thanks to Dr Stephen Clarke (military historian) for his efforts and research to write the histories to be found on the following pages of this website.