6th March 2023 Sitrep #1

New Policy from VANZ
VANZ has launched a new policy framework called “The
Veteran, Family and Whanau Mental Health Policy Framework.”
What this framework requires the development of a system that
recognises veterans and their families understands their shared
and individually unique experiences, and supported them to
maintain and build their mental health and wellbeing. The key
priorities laid out are:
1. Building and sharing our understanding of the prevalence
of mental health and addiction issues.
2. Prevention and wellbeing promotion
3. Transition support
4. Professional and service development
This indicates very strongly that we need to change our
approach to the whole veteran issue. We are at the forefront of
this development and are working alongside Rannerdale to
develop the way ahead. You will hear the idea of a veteran
Hub being spoken about and Rannerdale has done a lot of
work around this.
The RNZRSA is also strengthening its support services and
advisors around the country and thus is asking Clubs to get in
behind the mission.
Having been through a few tumultuous years we are now
looking at the way ahead.

Strategic Planning
The Executive has embarked
on developing the strategic
plan that will guide the Club
through the next few years. In
October last year, time was
spent looking at what the RSA
means and how we can deliver
better services to all ex-service
personnel. In order to align
with the goals of RNZRSA we
w i l l n o t b e r u n n i n g a
hospitality business as part of
our future. The “old” RSA
approach has been found to
be unattractive to the younger
and contemporary veterans.
There are estimated to be
140,000 veterans in NZ but
RNZRSA and VANZ have
visibility over only 30,000.
This is a good indicator that we
need to change our approach.
The strategic plan will focus on
health and wellbeing along
with navigation to community
services and advocacy.
The Executive recognises that
this is a big shift away from
what we have all come to
understand what an RSA is, but
the shift to caring for each
other is more important in the
modern environment than
running a bar and maintaining
Club Rooms.
The focus is on connection. As
ex service people we live by a
number of cultural values.

Those values are:
• Courage
• Commitment
• Comradeship
• Compassion
The plan being developed will
embrace those along with the
military kaupapa of respect,
loyalty, leadership, trust,
appreciation of the individual,
unity of purpose, strength of
relationships, importance of
belonging, building and sharing
knowledge and remembering
and honouring our history.
We are reimagining the way the
RSA will work for all into the

Annual General Meeting
We are still awaiting the full
audited accounts before we call
the AGM. There is a lot of work
going on by the Treasurer and
our Accountants to finalise those.
The issues have been made more
complex because of the failure of
Trenches. In the meantime the
best thing for us to do is to
continue to support each other.
Once the administration is sorted
the future looks strong. 

What else is Happening?
The Army Band is performing at the Sumner RSA on Sunday 12
March 1.00pm – Something not to be missed.
On the last Friday of each month a group of veterans have
been meeting that the Air Force Museum at Wigram for coffee.
Kick off is at 1000am and its about catching up sharing stories
and reconnecting in great surroundings. Put it in your diary.
All ex service personnel and their families are welcome.
A group of CMRSA members meet each Friday to catch up at
the Richmond Club. Great surroundings, food and friendship.
See you there.
Your Executive is also looking at coopting a number of
individuals who can provide advice on the way ahead as we
develop the Strategic plan. The key is establishing a wider
view, with more equity, as well as the involvement of younger
veterans in the community
A quick reminder – Membership is up for renewal at the end of
the month. $40.00 payable to 01-0797-0897862-002