Sitrep #3  6th July 2023

Editors Comment
Firstly my apologies for the time
between this and the last Sitrep.
That doesn’t mean that nothing
is going on, it just means I
haven’t sat down with my
computer to write one. The
Executive has been busy
preparing the road for an AGM
this year. (See the President’s
We are quickly heading into the
election campaign and we need
t o q u e s t i o n o u r a s p i r i n g
politicians about their position
on veteran care. Those
engaged with VANZ will well
understand that long waiting
times face us all. What appear
to be simple decisions are
taking many moths to make and
so there are a number of older
veterans and many younger
ones who are going without
treatment. For the younger
cohorts the issues are mental
health related in the main and
thus they require support. They
do not want the old RSA they
want an organisation that
understands their needs and
t h e n e e d s o f t h e f u t u r e
generations. One described
the impression they have of the
RSA as “old people sitting
around drinking cheap drinks,
doing very little and are thus a
waste of time”. If that is the
perception. How do we change
the narrative? That is what the
Executive is attempting to

Moving Forward –
President’s Update
As reported in the last Sitrep, the Executive has been working
towards putting everything back into shape in order to meet
the demand for the AGM. We now have completed the
accounts for the two years 2020 and 2021 so we are getting
closer. Both sets of accounts have been sent to the regulator:
Charities Services.
Nothing is ever simple. There is a lack of auditors, because
many accounting firms have stopped auditing accounts. Those
that are left have very little spare capacity and thus the search is
on for someone to audit 2 years of accounts. This has been an
important step forward and the President/Treasurer needs to
be thanked for his work in this area.
The Executive committee has also approved the engagement
of a forensic auditor to investigate the accounts from the
Earthquakes through to June 2019. The purpose of this audit
is to dispel any false gossip, rumours, to learn from any errors
identified to ensure they are not compounded. The objective is
to identify any untoward activity and where there is possible
evidence that will be submitted to the relevant legislated body.
Membership Fees
Thank you to Tony for posting out the membership cards as
well as the invoices for those who have not yet renewed their
subscriptions. A number will have decided not to renew. 

What else is Happening?
On Friday 30 June, The Rannerdale Trust sponsored veteran
gathering at the Airforce Museum saw 95 veterans and their
wives and partners gather for korero and coffee. This is the
best attendance to date from when we started with two just
over two years ago. It is gaining a reputation as a must attend
for veterans passing through Christchurch. There is also a
group gathering in Rangiora at the RSA fortnightly and that too
is well attended. All veterans and their families are welcome.
At the last gathering we took a snapshot of the situation faced
by veterans with VANZ. The raw data shows that amongst the
56.5% had active claims 46% had been waiting longer than
If this reflects the situation across the country we are facing a
problem with the processing times.
Ross Milne wrote this to VANZ following the gathering;
“The potential to build the kaupapa, whakapapa, wairua and
mauri rests with the veterans and thus VANZ’ engagement with
the veteran community needs to fully acknowledge the
willingness of veterans to help change the organisational
culture of our key Crown partner. It can only be achieved by
moving amongst and listening to the people.”

A Word from the RNZRSA Chairman.
“We have to deal to the RSA model to protect equity and
assets in failing locations across the country. The future is not
Beers and Pokies! The philosophy of the RSA must be support
veterans. Were clubs are focussed, they can survive provided
the hospitality component is separated out from the Support
function and their funding is tied to veterans. We are working
on a major change to the constitution, which will aim to steer
things in a new direction”.
In our strategic plan we are moving down that road because
we realise that the old model is no longer relevant to the new
veterans and for the future. This will require open minds and
will upset some but rest assured the traditions of remembrance
will always be at the forefront of the RSA Raison D’etre.
Welfare. Need Help? Phone Suzi Radford or Dennis
Mardle our welfare reps on.
Suzi. 021 0202700. Dennis 027 3795786.